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Polish Hound

The Polish Hound, commonly known as Ogar Polski, is a breed of hunting dog indigenous to Poland. The Polish Hound is famously known for its keen sense of smell. This heightened sense combined with the endurance needed to hunt in harsh environments is what makes it so popular to hunters, while its noble stature made it just as popular with Polish nobility.

History F.B. Laska (1907), described Polish hounds as descended from the Kostroma Hound (the Hound of Tatars). According to other historians, the Polish Hounds developed through crossbreeding of Bloodhounds (the St Hubert Hound), imported to Poland in the Middle Ages, with local hounds. Jan Szytier (1819) wrote about the "Polish Hound" and the "Polish Scent Hound" in his "Hunting Guide" (Poradnik Myśliwych). World War II resulted in the decline of the Polish Hounds' population. The attempts to revive the breed led to the emergence of two types: light-boned (bred by Colonel Józef Pawłusiewicz) and heavier-boned (bred by Colonel Piotr Kartawik). The latter one was recognized by the FCI as the "Ogar Polski" in 1966.


Head: Fairly heavy, elegantly chiseled. Skull as long as nosebridge. Pronounced stop. Well-developed brow bones. Very wrinkled forehead. Long muzzle. Strong jaws. Thick, pendulous flews. Large, wide nose. Ears: Set on low, fairly long, hanging freely, slightly rounded at the tip. Eyes: Slanted, dark brown. Body: Massive. Strong, muscular neck with folded dewlap. Broad chest. Large, broad brisket. Well-curved ribs. Broad abdomen. Flank level. Long, broad, muscular back. Broad, level croup. Tail: Set on fairly low, large, hanging lower than the hock, slightly pendulous. Hair: Medium in length, thick. Slightly longer on the spine, the backs of the hind legs, and the lower tail. Thick undercoat. Coat: Fawn and black. Tan head, ears, legs, sternum, and thighs. Body black or dark grey, with a black mantle. White hair tolerated as flashings or a flare or on the chest, lower legs, and tip of the tail. Size: Dog: 56 to 65 cm. (22-22.5 in): 55 to 60 cm. (22-23.5) Weight: Dog: 25 to 32 kg. (55-70.5 lb): 20 to 26 kg. (44-57.5 lb)

Characteristics and Temperament The Polish Hound has an average life span of 13 to 14 years. A medium sized breed, Ogar Polski is often described as strong and sleek, with a powerful bone structure. The coloration of these animals is often a combination of a brown underside and black on top running from the neck to the tail. The Polish Hound's voice is often described as resonant and pure which makes it an ideal hunting dog. The Polish Hound matures slowly. Intelligent and easily trained, Polish Hounds are known to be calm, affectionate animals and great pets. Friendly with other breeds and very loyal, these dogs are also very protective of their land. It is unclear as to whether this breed makes a good guard dog. Many argue that its territorial nature makes it defensive against intruders, while other state that its passive nature renders it harmless to new people. Resilient to environment due to their origin of use, the Polish Hound acclimates quickly to new settings.