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Perro fino Colombiano

The Fino is a typical Colombian dog breed, the hunting dog of Colombian peasants, distributed throughout the country with a traceable history for over 200 years, was selected by functionality and adaptability to the Colombian landscape.

Description The Fino is a beautiful scenthound, with magnificent sense of smell, body with rectangular proportion of medium size, with a height at withers that varies between 45 and 55 cm, almond eyes, long ears and scissor bite . Their skin is usually loose and regularly has jowls, the tail is long saber that thins as it reaches the tip. are very hardy animals that tend to accompany the hunting days during long hours regardless of terrain.

History Is a dog breed developed in Colombia, it breeds from foreign dogs (mainly European and American) into the country from colonial times to the twentieth century. Due to geographic isolation suffered by the country over its history, it has been lead to a great diversity of hounds still preserved and used for hunting of Lowland paca and others rodents.

Temperament It is a noble dog, sweet and carefree character, patient, trusting in strangers and passionate hunter, is not an apartment dog.

Recognition Although not recognized by any kennel club, but now it has undertaken a research by National University of Colombia for its characterization and work for a future recognition.