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The Beagle Harrier is a scenthound. It is a breed of dog originating from France.



The Beagle Harrier appears to be either a larger Beagle or a smaller Harrier. It is a medium sized dog, between 45 and 50 centimeters (18 to 20 inches) tall at the withers, and it weighs between 19 and 21 kilograms (42 to 46 pounds). Its coat is usually tricolor, featuring the colors fawn, black, tan, or white. There are also grey-coated (tricolor) Beagle Harriers. The Beagle-Harrier's body is usually muscular and its coat smooth and thick.

Temperament The Beagle Harrier is generally good with children and other pets. They are loyal, have lots of determination and are calm and relaxed when at home, making them a good family pet. They are a hunting breed and so require a lot of exercise and space.

Health The Beagle Harrier is generally very healthy and has a life span of 12 to 13 years. Hip dysplasia could cause a problem.

History Beagle Harriers were bred in France in the 19th century by Baron Gerard. The Beagle Harrier could be a mixture of the two breeds, the Beagle and the Harrier, or the midpoint in breeding between the two breeds. It was recognized by the FCI in 1974. The Beagle-Harrier is also recognised by the Continental Kennel Club in their Hound group. The Beagle Harrier can now be quite rarely found in France and are even more rare in other countries.